Dr Ilana Hepner, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Sydney


Information for patients

What does the assessment involve?
An interview forms the first part of the assessment, where the client's current concerns and background history are discussed. It is often helpful to also interview a family member, carer or close friend to obtain their perspective on the issues at hand.

The second part of the assessment is conducted using paper and pencil type tasks. Depending on the referral question, cognitive function, emotional function, academic skills and/or personality may be evaluated. Cognitive functions include abilities such as attention, speed of information processing, intellect, learning and memory, language, planning, organisation and problem solving.

After the assessment is complete, the client's results are analysed and then interpreted in the context of the information gathered during the interview. For self funded clients, a feedback session is often organised to discuss the findings and recommendations.
What should I bring to the assessment?
  • A referral from your doctor/health practitioner or case manager is usually required. If the assessment is conducted for medicolegal purposes, a letter of instruction from your insurance provider or solicitor will be required.
  • If available, you should bring any reports that would be relevant to the neuropsychological assessment (eg. reports from specialists, hospital discharge summaries, reports of any brain scans).
  • You should also bring reading glasses and/or a hearing aid, if you use them.
How long will it take?
The time required for neuropsychological assessment varies. Most assessments require about two to three hours (including interview and breaks). Medicolegal assessments are more detailed and some may take four to five hours. In some cases, assessments can be conducted across two sessions.
What does it cost?
Fees vary according to the nature of the assessment. Please contact Dr Hepner for further information. At present, Medicare does not cover the cost of a neuropsychological assessment. Some private health funds offer partial rebates and the client should check with their health fund. DVA eligible clients may qualify for bulk billing (subject to DVA approval).

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